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Why Kommersant?


Today Kommersant UK delivers compelling and valuable information to the Russian speaking community in the UK. Kommersant UK provides news about life in the UK, business events, new legislations and rules, success stories of Russian-speaking UK residents and enterprises. Our team is based in London and provides the best expertise into British news agenda, tailored to Russian-speaking audience.

Kommersant UK is


  1. World renown brand and a highly quoted and respected Russian media agency.
  2. Leading British online news website in Russian and a fast-growing Telegram channel about everything that happens in the UK.
  3. High quality and up-to-date information on world and Russian business.
  4. A team of UK-based professional journalists and media managers with vast experience in leading independent media outlets.

Top brands trust Kommersant UK


Our advertisers stem from a broad spectrum of well-respected industries, including: Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Luxury Products and Services, Education Services, Automotive Dealerships, Immigration Specialists, and Recruitment Agencies.
Be among the best!

Reach Russian speaking community and those who are interested in the UK
Kommersant UK offers authoritative and well respected insights into: international news, politics, business, finance and leisure. The publication and website are aimed at wealthy and higher middle class Russian speaking readers.


Advertising with Kommersant UK


Trust among audience
Partnership with one of the most reputed business newspapers is a clear indicator of success and an association with trusted global brands such as Citi Bank, HSBC, Sotheby’s, JLL etc.


Bespoke quality
We are interested in advertorials that appeal to our core audience, and we tailor our ads to the needs of Russian speaking community in London and all over the UK. Our team of professional journalists and copywriters from the best media outlets helps our clients to meet our readers and win their trust.


Brand status and reputation
To our readers and the Russian speaking business community, Kommersant UK is a name synonymous with excellence, it's a source they can trust. Partnership with Kommersant UK is a positive proof of your brand’s provenance and status.


Innovative advertisement
We don’t sell just banners or places for ads, we create ads with our partners. Our goal is to make each partnership unique and efficient both for our clients and our readers. Your story can be told in numerous ways: via traditional storytelling, via trivia or quizzes or even interactive maps.


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