Why Kommersant?


Today Kommersant UK delivers compelling and valuable information to the Russian speaking community in the UK. Kommersant UK provides news about life in the UK, business events, new legislations and rules, success stories of Russian-speaking UK residents and enterprises. Our team works both from Moscow and London and provides the best expertise into British news agenda, tailored to Russian-speaking audience.

Kommersant UK is


  1. World renown brand and a highly quoted and respected Russian media agency.
  2. Leading British online news website in Russian and a fast-growing Telegram channel about everything that happens in the UK.
  3. Leading financial publication in Russian: 12 pages of high quality and up-to-date information on world and Russian business.
  4. A team of UK-based professional Russian journalists and media managers with vast experience in leading independent media outlets, including Meduza.io and BBC Russian Service.

Top brands trust Kommersant UK


Our advertisers stem from a broad spectrum of well-respected industries, including: Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Luxury Products and Services, Education Services, Automotive Dealerships, Immigration Specialists, and Recruitment Agencies.
Be among the best!

Reach Russian speaking community and those who are interested in the UK
Kommersant UK offers authoritative and well respected insights into: international news, politics, business, finance and leisure. The publication and website are aimed at wealthy and higher middle class Russian speaking readers


Advertising with Kommersant UK


Trust among audience
Partnership with one of the most reputed Russian business newspapers is a clear indicator of success and an association with trusted global brands such as Citi Bank, HSBC, Sotheby’s, JLL etc.


Bespoke quality
We are interested in advertorials that appeal to our core audience, and we tailor our ads to the needs of Russians in London and all over the UK. Our team of professional journalists and copywriters from the best Russian media outlets helps our clients to meet our readers and win their trust.


Brand status and reputation
To our readers and the Russian speaking business community, Kommersant UK is a name synonymous with excellence, it's a source they can trust. Partnership with Kommersant UK is a positive proof of your brand’s provenance and status.


Innovative advertisement
We don’t sell just banners or places for ads, we create ads with our partners. Our goal is to make each partnership unique and efficient both for our clients and our readers. Your story can be told in numerous ways: via traditional storytelling, via trivia or quizzes or even interactive maps.


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Online advertising

Main page — month placement

Top horizontal banner (T1)
Top horizontal banner (T2) 100%x90
Side banner (S1)
Horizontal banner (H1)
Side banner (S2)
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Article page – month placement

Side banner (A1)
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Bottom banner (B1)

Advertorial or sponsored articles:

You can write your own article to promote your company, in-house specialists, expertise and services. Articles should be designed to build trust, raise awareness and as a result attract more clients.

1. Memoriable and great for SEO
The headline and the URL of your article should feature your company name. This means that even if a person doesn’t read the article, by reading the headlines they are exposed to your brand. This is also fundermental to good SEO. Your website will be linked to from a high ranking Russian media site — this is great for your SEO and positively associates your brand with a world renown media platform. This is also instantly influential to potential online customers searching for your brand name.
2. Customers take action immediately!
Your office address and map are instantly accessible on your article page, so customers can take action immediately after reading the article about your company.
3. Readers convert into customers with only one click!
Your banner is exclusively placed at the top of your article page, so the reader can access your website straight away. This banner increases conversion from 60% to 140%.
4. Hooking readers up with the exclusive offers
Your brand logo and advert are strategically highlighted below your article. This provides a valuable marketing opportunity to promote exclusive offers and other promotions. No other media websites currently offer this kind of tactical ad placement.
5. Seen by everybody!
Advertorials stand out from other articles as they are pinned to the homepage. One week of staying on the homepage increases exposure of your article by up to 330%.
6. More than 75,000 reaches on social media!
Every advertorial is actively promoted through our social media channels, reaching more than 140,000 readers in our online community. We also post your advertorial to our partner groups.


Your brand can be here. Every reader who visits the Kommersant UK homepage will see your brand, become aware of your services and be able to visit your website directly.

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Category/article supporting banner
Home page branding
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Sponsored projects and
extra options

Events with Kommersant UK

Partnership proposal for the events

Advertising the event where Kommersant UK is stated as one of the organizers — 2 × 1/4 in mono; 1 × 1/4 in colour
Placement of banner with announcement of the event on www.kommersantuk.com for two weeks
Daily posts with announcement of the event on Kommersant UK’s accounts in Facebook and twitter for two weeks
Photo coverage in Kommersant UK
The right to place Kommersant’s logo on all material associated with the event
Conference with Kommersant UK implies
  • Business relationship with the leading financial newspaper in Russia
  • Networking conferences in the most high-tech venues
  • Providing a full-service in organizing the conference
  • Selection of topics and content of the event
  • Professional moderation of the event
  • Invitation of the newsmakers
  • Invitation of experts
  • Writing of press- and post-releases
  • Organising media publicity of the event and organising media coverage
  • Announcing the event on www.kommersantuk.com
  • Professional photo shoot of the participants
  • Audio recording of presentations
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