The Russian Language Internet dictionary has been put together

A group of researchers from the Higher School of Economics and the Russian State Humanitarian University has produced and prepared for publication an illustrated Dictionary of the Language of .Ru Internet.

The Russian Language Internet dictionary has been put together

The new dictionary demonstrates the peculiarities of the functioning the Russian language and the communication in the Internet throughout its short history of about 20 years. The dictionary contains words, set phrases, picture captions typical for Internet communication. It contains three parts: Words and Phrases, Terms and Subcultures.  The Word section offers variant spelling, grammar and origin information, word meaning, reveals the time of origination, specific ways of application and language ties. Also present are cultural commentary, as well as text examples and graphic illustrations.

The dictionary differs from the traditional kinds in the setup of the entries: the visual information plays no lesser role than the text, such as in demotivators, memes, etc.

Index plays an important role  in the dictionary structure and provides a wider range of Internet vocabulary coverage.

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